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Since the Hyperdunk 2015 of big tiger to eat the old hen eggs hatch in the stomach of New Hyperdunks cock will crow, and was carried into the zoo animals, Oh lively. For Hyperdunks 2015 all want to hear a tiger "oh oh oh -" Well crow children.
But the little mouse friend tiger unhappy face.
Hyperdunk 2015 produced hen there is a miniature remote control, a press, the tiger's stomach can not be called, 2015 Hyperdunks wanted to come to the old hen, gave big tiger.
New Hyperdunks to the old hen house, also provides a bag of fine white corn, he said: "! Hen Aunt You Well"
Hen particularly nasty little mouse, ignore the answer be to say: "? The little mouse, Hyperdunks 2015 have something wrong."
"Ah, in fact, is not really what is wrong with 2015 Hyperdunks have heard what Hyperdunk 2015 have a remote control, would like to borrow it, and soon you also."
Hen one, the New Hyperdunks was broken, how to use the remote control to repair, she knew little mouse no good, he said:. "Well, 2015 Hyperdunks get you something to eat peanuts," said, The container of five peanuts in front of a small dish of small Hyperdunks 2015.